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    Road Reclamation in Yorkshire

    Road Reclamation (also known as Track Maintenance / Road Reconstruction / Track Reconstruction / Road Maintenance) is the process of incorporating small percentages of cement into in-situ or imported materials, thereby turning these un-suitable or marginal soils into useful construction materials which can be easily placed and compacted to form part of the temporary or permanent works. The basic process dates back thousands of years, but with it’s cost savings and environmental advantages, its acceptance and use in the UK and throughout the rest of the World has grown dramatically over recent years. The following describes the process involved in stabilising a particular surface. We do this in four steps:


    Step 1: Preperation

    The preperation stage takes out potholes, track grooves and loosens existing materials in preparation for the addition of the other products (cement etc).

    Step 2: Crushing

    Almost any area can be stabilised as the crushing drum has a crushing depth of 0-300 mm and is capable of crushing hardcore, granite and tarmac. This is the preparation required before either cement is added.

    Step 3: Levelling

    The Levelling shapes the surface of the road way to allow for surface water run off and to create a smooth running surface. It is imperative that the road follows the natural shape of land around it. Allowing water to run into calverts to one side or off a central camber is at the hands of the operator. This ability to move the material and shape the road is one of the most important fundamental rules of road formation.

    Step 4: Finishing

    With the use of vibrating plates we compact the area which will then form a hardwearing surface with increased longevity due to the stabilisation methods used. It will set to provide a hard-bound surface capable of taking heavy traffic.


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