• Road Reclamation


    Road Reclamation

    PSM Plant and Agricultural Services specialise in track renovation, repair and new

    build of access roads and tracks such as farm tracks. The work carried out can range

    from a simple maintenance, through to surface scarifying or deeper ripping and crushing

    before rebuilding the road.



    We can also offer Grading and Levelling with our Stehr Grader which it can also put a camber onto your

    track to help drain away standing water to stop pot holes reappearing.


    And then when all resurfacing is done, we can then use our Vibrating Plates to compact the track down to create a smooth track.

    PSM can also offer any additional excavator works if required etc. removing verges and create water channels.

    We can also maintenance Haulage yards, Gravel Car Park , put in access road etc. Wind Farms and Forest Tracks.

    If you would like a free friendly advise or estimate please do not hesitate to contact us on:

    07740 199473     or     pete@psmplant.co.uk